BORESNAKE HOPPE'S No.9 (6.5 mm / .264)

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BORESNAKE HOPPE'S No.9 cleaning lace (6.5 mm / .264)

Cal carbine. .25, 6.5mm, .264


The Boresnake Rifle, Rifle® Cleaning Shoe is the fastest weapons cleaner in the world, cleaning the soul of the rifle in 10 seconds!

1- The swab embedded in the string clears the hard deposits,

2- The first pass removes the foreign particles before disbursing with the swab

3- Main passage with 160 times more surface area than a cloth. Cleaning like no other.

4- The brass weight slips easily into the barrel: Act and pull the cleaning string into the soul.

How to use it

Drop the brass-heavy string into the loading mechanism or cannon.

Grab and pull the brass-heavy string into the soul, then pull slowly, keeping an eye on it so as not to let it get caught at the edges or parts of the rifle.

Repeat as needed until the soul of the rifle is clean.

The Boresnake® washes easily (tie well or use a washing bag in a machine), drying in the open air.

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