PIG Saddle

PIG Saddle

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PIG Saddle

A sturdy steel platform for rifles and lock rifles to effortlessly maintain observation, it allows for hands-free and thus maximizes the ability to perform a precise shot after a long time of waiting. It allows shooting in different suitable positions (sitting, kneeling or standing) for hunting or long-range shooting.


  • Robust and flexible to use
  • Use with one hand, very fast setting up of the rifle
  • Equipped with strong urethane skates to reduce and absorb the effects of recoil
  • Standard threading of 1/4-20" and 3/8-16" to be mounted on all types of tripods
  • Maximum opening: 70 mm
  • Polymer tightening button
  • Steel matte anodized finish with superior corrosion resistance
  • Weight: 635g
  • Compatible with all standard photo/video tripods
  • Shot on many rifles including long-range caliber shotgun.50

Ideal for pairing with NEST trepied

Carbon or Aluminum

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