Mounting PGM Lunette - Diam 30, 30 MOA

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Mounting bezel PGM Precision for rail Picatinny diameter 30 mm, 30 MOA

Adaptable mounting to any weapon equipped with a Picatinny rail (more than 10 cm long)

4 choices of rings impastos possible thanks to the 4 positioning holes.

Anti-recoil tenon

Made of 7075 aeronautical alloy, the mounts withstand up to the 50 caliber

Does not mark the body of the bezel and does not require running rings.

Picatinny rail squeezing by 2 screws with a 4mm hexagonal key

Mounting on the easy bezel, 4 screws per ring with a 3 mm hexagonal key

2 possible height: 36 mm or 50.5 mm to be specified when ordering

Montages de lunettes PGM – 30 MOA

Réf. α° D H Matière Niveau à bulle
AML018-01 30 MOA
30 mm 36 mm Aluminium Non
AML018-02 34 mm 38 mm
AML018-03 30 mm 50.5 mm
AML018-04 34 mm
AML018-05 35 mm 40 mm
AML024-01   34 mm 38 mm   Oui
AML024-02 35 mm 40 mm

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