Clip Board Weather Writer A4

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Clip Board Weather Writer A4


Made in the UK, the A4 Landscape WeatherWriter PRO waterproof paperweight has been renowned for more than 20 years for protecting your notes from rain and wind. On rainy or windy days, release the self-gripping closure to automatically open the transparent spring hood. You can now read and write on your papers while protecting them from rain and wind. On dry days, keep the WeatherWriter PRO A4's waterproof block holder closed, flip it on your back and use it as a normal block holder.

The dual clip version also features a clip at the bottom on the back, so your paper can be held up and down in gusty weather. The A4 Landscape WeatherWriter PRO waterproof battery has two built-in internal pen pockets. It comes with a name holder so you can customize your A4 Landscape WeatherWriter PRO waterproof clipboard. Light and easy to carry.

Why choose the A4 Landscape WeatherWriter PRO waterproof paperweight?

Made in the UK to the highest standards
The original waterproof paperweight, designed and redesigned to last
Specially softened plastic (according to our "recipe") to avoid cracks in cold weather
Transparent top plastic to avoid distortion when playing through the hood
Hands-free access to your paper - all papers can be released from outside the WeatherWriter PRO using our black Secure Lift at the top. No need for wet fingers inside the WeatherWriter PRO
Clips may contain multiple sheets
2 internal pockets for pens
Lightweight and easy to carry
Stainless steel spring frame to avoid rusting hazards
The clip on the back keeps the WeatherWriter PRO closed and used as a normal clipboard in dry weather

WeatherWriter® is a registered trademark. Our WeatherWriter® waterproof paperweights are patented and should not be confused with other waterproof clipboards. They are made in the UK and are the original waterproof paperweight.

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