WaterWriter waterproof pen

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WaterWriter waterproof pen

WaterWriter® is our solution to writing problems in wet, greasy or grainy conditions.

Pressurized and waterproof ink

The ink in our Waterwriter pen is pressurized and therefore flows constantly towards the pen. This means that you can hold it from any angle (even upside down) and it will always work. The days of shaking the pen to make it work are long gone.

Many pens are cold to the touch and have a shiny exterior. Knowing how difficult it can be to grasp a pen when your hands are wet or cold, we wanted the WaterWriter to have an easy surface to grasp. That's why the WaterWriter's body has been specially molded to provide optimal grip. Made from rubberized material, it is very comfortable to hold. It also has a shorter body than most pens, but it contains the same amount of ink.
Pen without mechanism

Particularly robust, we designed the WaterWriter waterproof pen without a spring mechanism so that gravel and dirt can't get inside. It really is the strongest and most comfortable pen that exists. Put it in your pocket and it won't run away.
Designed to stay in place on reclining surfaces

We designed the WaterWriter pen with a "non-rolling" end, which reduces the risk of it rolling on a surface in difficult conditions.

We have also incorporated a well-ventilated hood into the design to help with safety in the event of accidental ingestion. However, this is a professional item that should not be given to children for use.

Why choose a WaterWriter waterproof pen?

Water-resistant ink
Pressurized so you can write using it upside down and the ink continues to flow over the pen
Special flexible-grip body - ideal for cold, wet hands
No springs, so nothing to break
A smaller body that's easy to carry, but the same amount of ink
Color of ink: Black
Works on all our waterproof papers and WaterBooks, as well as on regular paper

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